New Date: 15 March, 2023: Digital Glücksburg Meeting, 16:30 / 17:30

Digital Glücksburg

Latest update: 15 March, 2023

Today’s conference has taken place successfully. Thanks to all of you who have been with us today!

The next meeting of this group is on 10 May, 2023, at 16:30 h / 17:30 h – there will be a new announcement soon.

The next Digital Glücksburg Meeting is taking place on
Wednesday, 15 March, 2023, at 16:30 h (western BSP) / 17:30 h (eastern BSP)

We are holding a Digital Meeting with Gather.

Be with us today!

Be with us next time!

In the international Digital Glücksburg Team we are planning the structures and details of the International BSP Årø Camp 2023, taking place from 16 to 21 September 2023.

Why was the meeting postponed?
On next Saturday, 4 March, we will hold an Årø 2023 crew meeting in Hildesheim at Robert-Bosch-Gesamtschule (RBG). This is an important meeting because it is RBG that runs the whole camp infrastructure. Having the camp infrastructure clear is essential for further planning at this stage. Therefore, we have decided to hold the Digital Glücksburg meeting after the crew meeting, we think this makes a lot of sense.

Let us know if you wish to get to know more or if you wish to be part of the Arø 2023 crew!

What is International Digital Glücksburg?
Digital Glücksburg is about levelling the playing field, working together as equals, in an international team of volunteers. We are students, teachers, coordinators and experts.

Our current task: Planning, creating, preparing and running the International BSP Årø Camp 2023, taking place in September 2023.

All of you are invited to take part!

For questions and suggestions please write to Martin Jarrath

Background information on Digital Glücksburg
Digital Glücksburg – which used to be a project for German students, teachers, coordinators in the year 2021-22 – is now going international.

One of our tasks is: We create, prepare and run the International BSP Årø Camp 2023.

How are we going to do this?
Digital Glücksburg is about doing things in a team. In a team where coordinators, teachers, students and other great people work together, as equally as possible, to create and run great projects and have fun doing this across borders.

However, this requires a couple of things. It requires that we all see ourselves as learners, it requires that we further develop our competences. In this way we will work on the future of the BSP and make it better. Together.

New participants are always welcome!